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Te acepto Bloodline, tu sangre será mi sangre

Hello dearest readers, what’s up? Here at Indiellusions we’re starting a new section in our blog called Share the Lulz, which is basically, just us, sharing awesome stuff we find on the internet and believe everyone should see it. We’ll be publishing one of these articles every Friday, because FRIDAYS, ha. Anyways, we’ll be talking about different stuff that we like, wether it be comics, films, music, artists or whatever, as long as it’s cool and we dig it, we’ll share it.

To kickstart this new section we’ll be talking about the manga of our colleague Alvaro Urrutia, which is calle Mercenary Bloodline. 



As a kid, I remember watching a lot of anime on TV, I think that’s a pretty common experience for people growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in Panama and for what I’ve been able to see, it was also a common experience for many people in Latin America. I watched series such as Dragon Ball Z, Case Closed, Rurouni Kenshin, Slam Dunk, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Saint Seiya, B’t X, Slayers and many more. I think these series have marked a huge influence in the Latin American otaku and their sensibilities and I think that you can see a lot of that in Álvaro Urrutia‘s Mercenary Bloodline. MB is a webmanga that started publication in 2014 and already has printed a first volume which collects the first 3 chapters of the manga, plus some really cool additional material.

Página de Mercenary Bloodline

A page from Mercenary Bloodline

Mercenary Bloodline, is a medieval fantasy story. The main character is Chryslette Chrysanthemum, an 18 year old girl from a noble family who wishes nothing more than to be a great and strong warrior, to her parents chagrin. She posseses a secret and mysterius legacy from her grandfather, the mercenary Valk.

The first chapters show an attack on the Chrysanthemum mansion by a mercenary who’s working for some unknown forces and the first revelation of the Bloodline, a sword that’s part of Chryslette and allows her to fight with great skill. The Bloodline is her grandfather’s legacy and it seems that many people are after it.


Mercenary Bloodline’s first volume cover

Urrutia’s artistic style has clear lines and well defined shapes that make a clean visual composition in his pages: There are some shonen influences in his artwork. specially in the action scenes. The fights are a high point of his art, with a lo of dynamism and sequences that are easy to follow and read.

In conclusion, I can say that Mercenary Bloodline, is an energetic and exciting project, a manga with a lot of action and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s fun, it’s cool.

You can buy the first volume of Mercenary Bloodline on local stores like: El Hombre de la Mancha and Nación Geek.

If you want to read it online and follow Chryslette’s adventures, you can do so over here:

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