Share The Lulz: Dancy Chong (Artist)


Hello everyone, and welcome to another Share The Lulz, the space where we share cool stuff from the Internet. Today I’d like to talk to you about an artist that I’m very fond of, she’s Dancy Chong (or It’s Yumin). Come with us a let’s see what she’s all about.

Dancy is a panamanian artist of chinese descent, who constantly publishes amazing drawings and sketches on her Facebook page, using a variaty of techniques and styles, prom pencils, to pens and watercolors, among others. Her drawings are primarly focused on feminine characters and evoke a pop felling of joy and playfulness, with a certain finesse or daintiness that’s inherent in her strokes. Overall, this diferrent aspects form an interesting personal style, that’s so pleasing to the eye. It’s truly a delight to navigate the endless sea of your Instagram or Facebook feed and find yourself on a the shore of an island of her artwork.

Trivia time: A few years back, when we were just starting Lolman, Dancy helped us with the coloring of a few pages. She was later relieved of this duty but we’re really tahnkful to her for her great work! (It should be known that back then, when we were starting Lolman we got the help of a LOT of people, and we’re eternally grateful to all of them, wherever they might be now)

If you’re looking for new artists to follow on Social Media, I can’t recommend Dancy enough, her work is just so charming.

Anyways, here’s a gallery of her work, for you to see:

You can follow Dancy on Instagram over here: @Itsyumin

And you can like her Facebook page over here: Dancy Chong

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