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It’s Friday (Or maybe not) And to kickstart our weekend in the best way possible we have Share The Lulz, where we talk about cool things on the Internet for you to enjoy.

This time around, I’d like ot talk to you about Alien Defender Maky, another webmanga from the incipient local scene in Panama. Alien Defender Maky is written by Julio Quintero and drawn by Santiago Arauz. A science fiction and action story which presents the ancient conflict between two alien factions, on one side we have the ruthless Krohn, a violent race othat travels from planet to planet, stealing resources and leaving nothing but ruins and desolation in their wake. On the other hand, we have the Defenders, warriors from the Alliance of the Planets that have swornd to protect all vulnerable planets from the threat of the Krohn invaders.

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This is the background from which we start our story in ADM. At the beginning of this manga, Maky Okiura, a young defender arrives on planet Earth to protect humanity from the devastation of the Krohn. Here on Earth, he enrolls in high school, where he meets  Kiami Oniki, a human girl that develops a particular interest in him and who provides an audience surrogate. This are the bases of Alien Defender Maky, which has currently 6 chapters published online (A prologue and 5 “Missions”). It updates 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so you see a lot of new material every week.

Página de Alien Defender Maky

Alien Defender Maky

ADM’s story has a strong emotional core, where we see charming story that develops different alien cultures and their quirks and conflicts; and the artwork improves on every page. I’d like to congratulate Quintero and Arauz for their excellent work, building an intriguing plot and overall doing good stuff. I eagerly await for new pages to see how Maky’s adventures unfold.

If you haven’t had the chance to read this manga, you’re missing out and should get on that as soon as possible.

You can read Alien Defender Maky over here, and follow them on social media over here. Which you should, because if you take a quick look at their social media feed you’ll see that their working on many cool add ons to the ADM Universe, not just the manga.

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