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Pixel world is a small pixel comic strip series about the lives of Indie Illusions a group of comic artists and writers trying to survive and make it big in a world where nobody gives a fudge.


Indir Pereira

Job: Main art / Pixel art / layout / Original Concept
Description: After many years of solitary training in his room the ancient art of pixel making, “Indi” decided that it was the right time to work on his own project. That’s how Pixel World was born, and he thinks this is probably the best idea he’s ever had (which is sad, to some extent). He does pretty much all the work here, from the writing, the drawings, character designs, and the pixel art phase (duh). He hopes you really enjoy reading this webcomic!
Ratings: Weird/10
Hobbies: reading Homestuck, watching indie videogame playthroughs on youtube
Contact: indi@indiellusions.com


Job: Writer / fountainhead / Composer
Description: Dave is the other guy who supports this comic by providing funny and random ideas. That’s when Indi comes in and stalks him until he decides to write them down on paper. You can usually find him talking to his cellphone on a lonely corner, poor guy. Other than that, he supports the show by composing cool chiptunes for the animated sequences.
Rating: OCD
Hobbies: Music / Fire Emblem
Contact: dave@indiellusions.com


Job: Writer
Description: Bruno is the other writer, he mainly writes side stories, and some strips about himself. He’s the guy who knows everyone, but nobody knows him, cuz y’know, reasons. He also enjoys slacking off most of the time.
Rating: Slacker
Hobbies: Slacking off / Stalking people / Nintendo games
Contact: bruno@indiellusions.com