Pixelworld – Cast



Name: Indi

Age: 26

Class: Lord of Workaholics

Likes: Homestuck / Very particular types of videogames, Working

Dislikes: People

Description: Indi spends most of his days (nights included) working, he’ll even go as far as to sacrifice his best friends to psychotic fairies, for a few hours more in front of his drawing board. He loves comics and videogames (but not the ones you’re used to, you cell-phone gamer), and enjoys not giving a shit for anything else. A natural loner, Indi has to deal with his creative team’s daily antics, while attempting to return home to his agoraphobic shrine of web-comics and coffee. He is constantly stalked by a floating banana pee during his regular full time job (we won’t explain anything else).


Name: Dave

Age: N/A

Class: Mysterious Stranger

Likes: Women

Dislikes: Insects, dogs, cats

Description: Shrouded in secrecy, nobody actually knows what Dave does in any given moment, although many speculate he’s in cahoots with the CIA, is a double agent for an underground anarchist movement, and a part time wizard. The truth is he makes jingles and plays in a band in with Ed (but they’ve never played live). He keeps ancient books in his basement and never opens his front door at certain hours at night; probably has some secret lab or something.


Name: Albert

Age: 28

Class: Warrior / Loner

Likes: Manga, Protecting Lolis

Dislikes: Crowded places

Description: Former heir to the Gambino clan of master swordsmen, Albert renounced to his title of first lord of the godlands in order to become a mangaka. A man of few words, he joined indi and the others while honing his already god-like drawing skills. He enjoys training and protecting cute girls that will never date him.


Name: Bruno

Age: 21

Class: Community Manager / Stalker

Likes: Comics, Pokemon, Fire emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics


Description: Rumored to be a time traveler, since he always pops out of nowhere, Bruno is the group’s handy man and full time internet ninja (stalker). He’s usually serious but will troll you if you’re not careful enough. Due to his great stalking skills he probably knows everyone, including you, and your ex. He’s been a boy scout for a while now, but he will deny it.


Name: Ed

Age: old enough, boy

Class: Hipster / Town Bard

Likes: Collecting vintage stuff, and pretty much everything hipsters like


Description: A whinny hipster, ed spends his days making underground indie rock hits, and complaining on how the”scene” has changed, for the worst. He used to be a med student, but ditched because he preferred being a butthurt indie musician living off his parents’ basement, with a minimum wage salary. Ed will always have a girlfriend who will eventually dump him, forcing him to crash at indi’s place every month or two.


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