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LOLMAN - LOL Fiction 01 - Wallpaper

LOLMAN – LOL Fiction 01 – Wallpaper

Wallpaper #1

This is the first of a series of upcoming wallpapers for your precious desktop. This is the intro cover of LOLMAN’s first issue, pages 4&5. Here, you can appreciate le giant XD symbol in the middle of Online City’s Sector 1428. Feel free to steal it anytime! :)


LOLMAN Introduction

A short video introducing the story’s setting, and some sort of trailer to the first issue. Made like a certain old school videogame some of you will find familiar!. We are planning on doing a series of teasers for each big story arc, so make sure to come by this section every now and then. :)


Guide to Teh Netz #1

As the title implies these are a series of guides, or handbooks, to the Universe of Teh Netz, where the story takes place. I will have bits of information, such as timelines, important events, glossary of terms, Netizens, and much more.

You may read it online, or you may also want to download the pdf file.