In the year 200XX. Teh Netz is a place filled with happiness and prosperity. A New Age, as envisioned by Lord Dylan, savior of The Netz, aiming to bring total peace is at hand. The perfect Utopia, united by one single flag … With his company 4N0N Corps, Lord Dylan has begun his expansion plan, destroying anyone who’s against it. However, as expected, there are some who are not keen to the idea of a peaceful world, and fight everyday against Lord Dylan’s forces.

Enter LOLMAN, a rebel against Lord Dylan’s ideals, whose action’s only apparent purpose are just for the lulz of it … Or are they? Memes, random characteres, epic villains and lots of mysteries await you in the never ending world of Teh Netz. Follow LOLMAN and ROFLMAN’s adventures in this amazing webcomic specially made for the internet freak within you. READ NOW!



Indir Pereira

Job: Penciller / Inker / Writer / Letterer / Creator
Description: Main writer and artist, and THE GUY behind the creation of the LOLMAN character and universe. Main supervisor of all the story arcs, and does pretty much everything besides coloring. When he’s not writing, drawing, inking, storyboarding or lettering, he’s surfin’ the netz for any inspiration for new story arcs.
Likes: Work
Dislikes: Slacking off, Office work
Hobbies: Work, read comics

Dave Vergara

Job: Writer / Brain / Editing
Description: One of the guys in the brainstorming room, He writes some episodes, and he’s the main editor in chief. He digests ideas, and turns them into epic win. Always gets the job done by giving lots of ideas to the whole staff (and sometimes, cookies he didn’t bake himself).
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Michael Bay
Hobbies: Censored

Bruno A. Chanis Filós

Job: Writer / Lulz Tech
Description: Our lil’ bag of surprises, and main meme / internet reasearch. He writes some chapters, and aids everyone in the rest of the brainstorming. His favorite character is Utah, but when asked, all he’ll say is “Maybe”, since he also claims ROFLMAN is the best.
Likes: DC Comics
Dislikes: Cheese
Hobbies: Playing Fire Emblem, stalking


Albert Karl Weand

Job: Head Colorist
Description: He’s the guy working on all the coloring final details, before sending them back to the final edits and lettering corrections. He’s often busy working on everything else, but he’s always willing to give each page a taste of his color magic.
Likes: Seinen Manga
Dislikes: Muggles
Hobbies: Training


What’s a LOLMAN

It’s the little guy with the green Mohawk that appears in the first chapter’s tenth page. It’s something we can’t really explain. Hah, you thought we’d give out all the answers in this FAQ huh? Well, bad luck, we aren’t spilling the beans, so go read it for yourselves. PROBLEM?

Where did the idea for this comic come from?

Kind of a long story. Almost 6 years ago, while doing art with a French guy in his room, he got high on rainbow Tylenols before drawing. The result was The first LOLMAN sketch ever made. The French guy, after watching this, went crazy and attempted to destroy it, causing Indi to drop the project. Many years later, he met Bruno, who convinced him to get back to work on the project. At first, they tried using the same concept, but it just wasn’t doing it. After a serious talk with a furry, he locked himself up in his room, and spent one month, trying to come up with a new concept for the character and his universe.  Eventually, while chatting with Bruno, he came up with this idea, which he started to develop, and in another month, he finished what is now what you guys know as LOLMAN. He then managed to complete the first chapter, based on Bruno’s ideas, and the script was completed. And that’s pretty much the story behind it.

Why is Bob Dylan the bad guy?

He’s not really that bad… He’s just misunderstood.

How often are updates made?

The series will be updated on a regular basis of thrice a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Around 12pm), unless stated otherwise.

Why is the story so crazy? It hardly makes any sense.

Everything will eventually make sense. Eventually. Just be patient and enjoy the ride.

What inspirations and influences did you have for LOLMAN?

Our main inspirations come from Teh Netz itself. The internet culture has evolved into something that has become part of our daily lives, and that is something we like to reflect in LOLMAN, not only for the lulz, but to emphasize that The interwebz is by far the greatest creation of mankind. Comics like The Adventures of Dr. Mcninja (Christopher Hastings), Bearmageddon (Ethan Nicolle), and websites such as 4chan, Uncyclopedia, 9Gag and Know your Meme are our main source of inspiration for Lolman.

Are you planning on releasing trade paperback compilations of LOLMAN?

Since Lolman is a webcomic about Teh Netz, and since we all know teh netz has a lot of copyrighted material, we think it’s safer to keep things for free on teh netz (for now).

But then that means there won’t be any LOLMAN MERCH!

Hey hey heeeey dudes! Relax, we can still make other stuff, but not for now! But we will gladly take all your life savings in exchange of any (AWESOME) shit we can give you for it. Just be patient! :D

What is the Great War?

Can’t really get into details, but it’s a series of conflict that took place in the Netz that almost causes its demise. The war lasted for at least a hundred years, until Lord Dylan brought an end to it. Many important events that defined the whole destiny of The Netz took place during that war. But fret not, we will get to that point eventually.