Let’s Take a Break!

Hiatus eng-01

We have an important announcement to make.

Ever since we started publishing Blueprint, our main objective has been offering you guys a top quality product, best we can do, and because of this, sometimes we’ve had delays in our publication calendar. Just so, we’ve made an analysis on our current situation and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s for the best that we take a (short) break right now.

Following the great example set by some of the best mangakas like Yoshihiro Togashi and Kentaro Miura, we have to announce that Blueprint will be going on hiatus, since Albert must go play Idolmaster, take a break to reast and recover his creative energies, and then come back and create an amazing manga for everyone to enjoy.

Meanwhile, we’ll be showing you different stuff like Work in progress drawings and sneak peeks to our creative process behind the scenes. In general, we’ll keep updating with some good content to share with you guys. That’s about it for now guys… So, see you… NEXT WEEK*


*Maybe. Restrictions apply

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  • Encuentrahuevospascuanos

    Albert, Togashi and Inoue as much as they need