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Let’s Take a Break!

We have an important announcement to make. Ever since we started publishing Blueprint, our main objective has been offering you guys a top quality product, best we can do, and because of this, sometimes we’ve had delays in our publication calendar. Just so, we’ve made an analysis on our current situation and we’ve come to […]

Comic Jam, this Saturday, April 16th

Hello there Indie-Readers! We’re proud to announce we’re organizing our very first Comic Jam! This Sautrday, April 16th! The Jam will be a creativity workshop in which we’ll ask our participants to draw comics based on random themes that will choose in raft like exercise. Our objective is to develop the creativity, the mental agility […]

About Blueprint’s Release

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for has arrived! Finally, after working hard as an studio for years, Blueprint has been released, the moment we’ve been waiting for a long time. Hello there! My name is Bruno, I’m part of Indiellusions Studios and while I’m not in the creative team behind Blueprint, I can […]

Not dead (yet)

No, we’re not dead yet! Hey everyone! Well, some of you might’ve noticed a bit of inactivity ’round these parts. We’re currently working on a lot of stuff lately, so we can have some amazing stuff for you, our faithful and lovely netizens! Dave and Bruno have been working on the next Lolman chapter, which […]

lulzy comments Contest #1

Lol Wtf is this all about? Would you like a comment you wrote yourself to be forever immortalized in the pages of The Lolman webcomic? Well, we’ve been planning this for a while now, and we decided to give you, our beloved readers, the chance to do just that! Now go ahead and go wild! […]