Blueprint – Cast


Gustavo Mason

32 years old

“Successful businessman”, “entrepreneur”; many words are used to describe Gustav Mason, one of the new and prominent figures in Panamanian architecture. But the ones he would prefer: “artist” and “architect”, words that appear hidden beneath the image of a man that has everything, but walks a lonesome path to success.

Although many perceive him as somehow tired and isolated, his harsh exterior hides a youthful and optimistic man, who wishes to transform architecture into a way to bond both nature and society.


Megumi Nakamura

19 years old

In Megumi’s world, things work differently: streets hide secret lairs, and mythical beasts, office buildings become immense towers with no end in sight across the sky, and the city, a forgotten kingdom lost inside a world of fantasy. Her imagination transforms day to day routine, into an adventure worthy of living and, when she gets home, armed with nothing but pencil, ink and paper, translates each one of them into her greatest passion: Manga.

Lilia Cristina Cáceres

28 years old

Lilia is Hector’s younger sister, and chief interior designer at “Mason and Caceres Architecture”. Lilia has been a friend of Gustavo since elementary school, and has shared the tridimensional dream of her friend and her brother, to the degree of joining them in their efforts to change Panamanian architecture.

Hector H. Caceres

32 years old

Although sharing some of his spotlight with Gustavo, Hector is still one of the main Panamanian architects of his generation, and the one responsible for “Mason and Cáceres” corporate success. One of Gustavo’s oldest friends, Hector shares his vision of a new Panamanian Architecture, while developing his very own ideas for a new urban landscape.


19 years old

Daughter to one of Panama’s wealthiest families, Ana hasn’t had any trouble following her dreams, although those dreams don’t really hold a place in De Obaldía tradition, and is described as naïve and immature. Because of this, she doesn’t show her true self to strangers, and keeps her sweet side to herself and close friends.


23 years old

Miguel is an architecture student, and a very good one, to say the least; even if he has spent a couple more years than he should being one. His designs have been praised by both students and teachers alike, but he doesn’t seem to be aiming for any higher goals at the time. He’s been friends with Ana since childhood, and trusts her above many of his friends.


Age: Unknown

Many tales are told about this curious individual, who has spent an undefined number of years trying to graduate from college. He is mainly seen wandering through classrooms, while speaking in strange foreign languages; does he have some sort of hidden agenda? Yuichi enjoys eccentric and bizarre pleasures that range from B-type cult movies, to imported robot figurines. How he obtains the money to pay for such excesses is still a mystery.