Gustavo, a young architect who has achieved success, finds himself in a motionless period in his career, while Megumi, still in her college years, foresees the day she makes her dream of making manga a reality. Both of them, Megumi and Gus, find in each other the ideals and answers, to questions that by themselves, they could’ve never discovered.



Indir Pereira

Job: Editor / Storyboard Artist / Backgrounds designer
Description: He’s the guy who’s always complaining about how stuff could be better. He’s also that guy that makes the storyboards and layouts for his beloved Albert to draw in. He’s the one responsible for the characters to have a place to stand in, you know, they’re called backgrounds? When he’s not doing any of these things, he’s just… well, just doing a bunch of other stuff! Who are you, the police?!!
Likes: Work
Dislikes: Slacking off, Office work
Hobbies: Work, read comics, Homestuck Fanboy


Albert Weand

Job: Penciller / Inker / Colorist / God
Description: After five years of solitary training in the mountains, he mastered the skill of being awesome at drawing everything. He’s the guy drawing all the lines and cool stuff in Blueprint. His coloring also superb! So that’s right, no cool drawings if it wasn’t for this guy! Beware his Dragon Slayer.
Likes: Seinen Manga, Love+, Berserk
Dislikes: Muggles
Hobbies: Training


Heriberto Pinzón

Job: Writer / Original concept
Description:The guy we captured during a wild trip to the Safari Zone. The one we enslaved behind a pc screen, and made him write this amazing story we know nowadays as Blueprint. He’s also the town bard, and is not uncommon to find him writing songs about fakku and otaku stuff overall. Some people also acknowledge him as the Hipster King, but he’s so under not many are aware of that.
Likes: My Little Pony (Secretly), being under, hipster music.
Dislikes: Mainstream stuff
Hobbies: Lolis, writing, slacking off, being a know it all.


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