Share The Lulz: Dancy Chong (Artist)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Share The Lulz, the space where we share cool stuff from the Internet. Today I’d like to talk to you about an artist that I’m very fond of, she’s Dancy Chong (or It’s Yumin). Come with us a let’s see what she’s all about.

Let’s Take a Break!

We have an important announcement to make. Ever since we started publishing Blueprint, our main objective has been offering you guys a top quality product, best we can do, and because of this, sometimes we’ve had delays in our publication calendar. Just so, we’ve made an analysis on our current situation and we’ve come to […]

Te acepto Bloodline, tu sangre será mi sangre

Share The Lulz: Mercenary Bloodline

Hello dearest readers, what’s up? Here at Indiellusions we’re starting a new section in our blog called Share the Lulz, which is basically, just us, sharing awesome stuff we find on the internet and believe everyone should see it. We’ll be publishing one of these articles every Friday, because FRIDAYS, ha. Anyways, we’ll be talking about different stuff […]

Comic Jam, this Saturday, April 16th

Hello there Indie-Readers! We’re proud to announce we’re organizing our very first Comic Jam! This Sautrday, April 16th! The Jam will be a creativity workshop in which we’ll ask our participants to draw comics based on random themes that will choose in raft like exercise. Our objective is to develop the creativity, the mental agility […]