So, I have set up this small space for you guyz to ask as many questions as you will (try the comments section bellow)

Who/What are we?

We’re an editorial company who work on and publish independent comics, and many other things (mainly comics). Some are published online for free, while some others are to be bought on print or digital editions. We’re a starting group, but please look forward to our next installments. We hope you enjoy the webcomics, in the meantime. ;)

What does Indiellusions stand for?

The company’s name stands for a bizarre fusion of “Indie”, short for Independent, and the word “Illusions”. Together, the whole title means “Independent Illusions”. That way, we express how our illusions are free from any physical (or legal) limitations, and are able to roam the land, censorship and labels-free.

What about that creepy face in your logo?

That’s, well, our logo. Actually it’s a mask that’s based off a pre-columbian “Waka”. It represents our crazy, indie nature, yet staying true to our origins. The intense red represents our ever rising fighting spirit, and hopes for even better projects for all our fans to enjoy. This mask also represents the true owner of Indiellusions.