We are a pioneer Panamanian publishing company serving as a window to display creative talent through the development, production and distribution of high-quality graphic novels aimed at young and adult population in general.



To become the largest graphic novel publisher in Latin America, rescuing the talent of this geographic region, preventing brain draining by providing employment opportunities and developing our human resources, integrating each individual’s virtues to create and promote the culture of Latin American graphic novel, aimed for international market expansion.




Albert photo
Albert Weand
Albert Weand is a manga artist and illustrator. He is the main artist of the Blueprint Project. From an early age he became fascinated by drawing. During his youth, manga and anime marked a strong influence on his style. After completing his university education on digital video production, he decided to take a completely different path: to become a manga artist. Currently, he is a member of the team of Indiellusion Studio where he works on the creation and production of graphic novel.


Indir Pereira
Indir Pereira, co-founder member of Indiellusions Studios, Scriptwriter and Graphic Editor, has worked at a number of design and advertising firms. He is a graduate of Universidad Latina de Panamá and has worked from computer graphics, to design, animation and video editing. Among his works is the animation of several shows such as “Usnavy”, “Policomics” and “Cuéntamelo Chabelito (Tell me Chabelito)”. At present he is working at the popular television show “La Cáscara (The Peel)” and collaborating in the production of shows such as “Charls Lattan”, “Totalmente Falso (Completely False)”, “Quiero ser Cascaroso ( I want to be Cascaroso)”, among others.


David Vergara
David E. Vergara, co-founder member of Indiellusions Studios who has worked alongside with Indir Pereira on the creation of the image and concept of the Studio. Additionally, is mainly dedicated to screenwriting most of the scripts and stories of the Studio. He obtains his degree in Digital Animation at Universidad Latina de Panamá. He has done design work independently, uplifting of tridimensional structures, computer graphics and video editing. Currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Fine Arts College, University of Panamá. He has experience as a composer of Incidental Music mostly for audiovisual concepts such as short films and animations.


Bruno A. Chanis Filós
Bruno A. Chanis Filós, graduated with honors at Universidad Latina de Panamá where he earned a degree in Digital Animation. He has worked as a graphic designer in magazines and studios at town. A comic lover in general, joins Indiellusions after sharing with Indir and David his interest for their creative work. Currently, he is writing new projects for Indiellusions and ensuring its promotion.