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Finally, the moment we were all waiting for has arrived!

Finally, after working hard as an studio for years, Blueprint has been released, the moment we’ve been waiting for a long time.

Hello there! My name is Bruno, I’m part of Indiellusions Studios and while I’m not in the creative team behind Blueprint, I can assure you all that I’ve seen all the hard work Albert, Heriberto and Indir have put in this project. I’ve been lucky enough to see them working from behind the scenes and I can tell you, this manga is the product of a lot of hard work, a lot of effort and many sacrifices, but mainly, it is the product of a lot of passion. Passion we all share for the arts, passion for manga, passion for comics. And it’s this passion that drives us to make our dreams come true, our dream of giving sequential art the place of respect it deserves in our country,

All of us in Indiellusions are truly thankful for the great reception you’ve given us

Truly, thank y’all! Thank you for all the supporting messages that we’ve received, thank you for the fan arts, thank you for all the sharing on social media, thank you for telling your friends and thank you for believing in us.

Without you, none of the thigns we do would be worth it, and knowing that you like our work is the best reward that we could have gotten. We wish for your continued support, with that same enthusiasm you have showed so far and we hope that you’ll walk every step with us in this new journey we just began.

Also, we would like to ask you to pay close attention, because in the near future we will be releasing many fun surprises for all you. In the near future you can expect more comics, more events and more cool stuff.

Again, thank you all for your support, we hope we can always count on you. You’re the best!

Bluepirnt is a work of art by Albert Weand, Heriberto Pinzón and Indir Pereira.

New pages every Tuesday and Thursday.

Help us spread the word with the hashtag #BlueprintManga

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